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I love interior design and LEDs… and my job!

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Okay, there are too many things I love about my job to list all at once, but here’s what’s on my mind for loving it right now.

I love interior design. I don’t claim to be even an amateur interior designer, but I do love art and furniture and picking out paint colors and putting everything together. I like reading magazines, blogs, tweets, etc. to see what the professionals do. I love that through my work with Thomasville Furniture (yes, that is a disclaimer that Thomasville is one of my clients) that I have the pleasure of working with Darryl Carter who is the most amazing person at putting together a room. It just comes natural to him. Being with Darryl at Vegas Furniture Market last week allowed me the opportunity to witness what an inspiration he has been to other designers who came to get an autographed copy of Darryl’s book, The New Traditional. This book topped the Amazon charts when it first came out last year, and I understand it’s topping the home category again right now. No surprise. And no surprise Darryl was selected for the Merchandise Mart keynoter (Chicago, Oct 2) this year… for a spot that was filled last time by Martha Stewart.

Darryl Carter talks with interior designers about his book The New Traditional at Las Vegas Furniture Market

Darryl Carter talks with interior designers about his book The New Traditional at Las Vegas Furniture Market

In somewhat of a related space, I’ve becoming incredibly interested and intrigued with LED lighting and other energy efficiency and green building topics. How great is it that I get to work with Cree (which is the only NA-based LED lighting manufacturer and the company that is introducing true lighting-class LEDs to the world) AND with Briar Chapel (the largest green community in the area where I live in NC)?

Just hit me this evening as I was following more folks on Twitter for both client and personal interest that the two are increasingly becoming the same. How lucky am I?


Things I love Right Now

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Move over Oprah, I’ve decided to make a list of things I love at this moment in time. Why? Well, because I love when I really love something and because it’s been a challenging 6 or 7 days, and so I’d like to bring back the positive energy by focusing on things I love.

I love…. that when I walked into the ER after my 8-year-old broke his arm his first words to me were, “I’m worried about you.” He was concerned about me being upset and that I was going to cry.  I have no idea how that could have even been a thought in his mind at that moment but I think it says something really cool about the kind of person he is.

I love… my new Lenovo Ideapad S10-2. Is it a netbook or is it an accessory? It’s both! Pinkish purple and very girly with super secret spy-like security and features. Less than 3 lbs and less than $400, it’s the perfect personal laptop for my itunes, personal photo storage, social networking, etc. With it being so small and light, I suspect I might also use it for work when I want to capture notes in a meeting and then just email them to my work account. Voila!

I love… Jolly’s Jewelry. I mean hey, what’s not to love about a place called Jolly’s? And for the same reason, a watch branded the same. I love my Jolly’s watch and the fact that they understand customer service so well that when my battery dies they will replace it for me free of charge. They delivered the ultimate customer service move Monday when in about 30 seconds they fixed an expensive pair of earrings that I purchased from a gift shop just across the way at North Hills but was not able to wear because they were first too tight and then too loose. Jolly’s fixed the earrings FOR FREE right there on the spot. It was so simple. Next time I won’t buy expensive earrings anywhere other than Jolly’s. I think they’ve made me a customer for life.

I love… the runkeeper app on my iphone. I think it’s the thing that will get me through training for my first marathon. It tracks distance and pace/speed, keeps your run history and does all kinds of nifty things that I’m not even doing with it yet. I love that I can listen to my music on my iphone and run the runkeeper app at the same time and every 5 minutes “she” will come on and give me an update on my progress. GPS-based means no figuring out my stride, no driving around in my car the night before a run mapping out my desired distance.

I love…. Anthropologie. Always have. Always will. Love it even more that they have several locations in NC now with one at Southpoint Mall which is certainly worth the 30 minute drive to get over there.

I love… Andrea’s homemade crockpot mac & cheese. In fact, I could get out of bed right here close to midnight and eat it cold right out of the fridge.

I love…. that when the local UPS drivers get together for drinks after work, a favorite story involves me. Yes, I’m UPS legend. Okay, joking… the story is about my entire family and I never knew it until I met our UPS man for the first time the other day after living here for almost 5 years. Apparently when Jackson was younger, he told the UPS guy, “You can’t kiss my mom TODAY.” Since he put the emphasis on “today” it sounded like there had been previous kissing. Dave raised his eyebrows about the time Jackson said, “Because she has a cold.” I’m sure Dave had told Jackson a million times that day not to kiss me because I had a cold and he was just passing it along. Our UPS driver said it is one of his favorite stories of all times, and I think it’s even more funny that he and I just met.

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Is the hard copy media kit dead?

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Tools for PR People

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A(nother) Lesson in Listening to Your Gut

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It’s what I preach all the time so why do I sometimes shush my gut? Don’t do it people. Just don’t do it. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

End of May, started trying to rent a beach house for an August vacation. Found beautiful house online and contacted owner. The first conversation was odd. It took a lot of effort and several phone calls just to get to the “Okay, I’ll send you the contract to sign and you send me your $” stage. (In this case, to me $$$.) But it was a great house right on the beach and I really need the time with my boys. I need a place I can completely de-stress and uplug.

With less than 2 weeks to our arrival date, the owner called to say she had double-booked part of the stay. While she was nice enough to offer to help us find accomodations for the days we couldn’t stay at her house, I do not want the stress of settling in then packing up and moving only to have to settle in again. I do not want to be on a schedule for an entire week, and that would by default put us on one. After 2 very stressful days of not getting an answer, I’ve learned that she is going to refund our money.

And now… I’m looking for a new place for us to stay. Had I only listened to my gut in the first place, I would have never rented with her. I’m sure that it is a wonderful house, and she’s likely a very nice person, it just wasn’t meant to be and I could have saved myself some hassle had I only listened to that little voice telling me that from the beginning.

Umstead Hotel

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Went to Umstead Hotel yesterday for breakfast. Its right outside Raleigh… technically Cary, I think. As beautiful as I’ve heard. Can’t wait to try to the spa and go back for dinner.