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N.C. Symphony Gets Roge Squared — For Free!

In Raleigh NC, The Arts on November 30, 2009 at 10:50 am

In the event you were too busy preparing a feast last Wednesday, you missed a great story in the N&O about renowned French pianist Pascal Roge’s response to the N.C. Symphony saying they couldn’t pay him for a scheduled performance.

Roge who has never been here nor has ties to the area, shocked members of the N.C. Symphony by saying he’d be delighted to perform regardless! In fact, he said he’d bring his pianist wife, Ami Roge to join in on this wonderful gift he is giving Raleigh. He referred to his profession is not a profession but a pleasure. Can I get an amen?

Hats off to these generous artists who are so lovingly giving their time next week for concerts in Raleigh on Dec. 4 and 5 and Southern Pines on Dec 3. Having worked for a non-profit arts organization (The Alabama Theatre) earlier in my career, I understand how the economy can create challenges to the ongoing operations of these treasured groups.

Okay Raleigh people, now do your part. Make sure and catch one of Pascal and Ami Roge’s performances while they are here. Who wants to get a group together and go? Somebody pick the 4th or 5th and we’ll get it started. 8 p.m. both nights at Meymandi.


Creative Marketing or Kiss of Death?

In Marketing, Raleigh NC on November 24, 2009 at 11:01 pm

I can’t stop thinking about Sue Stock’s story Competitor’s Failure is An Opportunity that ran in Sunday’s News & Observer. R.O.I. Salon owner, Roi Parker has decided to honor gift certificates from now-closed Iatria Day Spa.

Apparently since making that offer, it has been determined that there is about $300,000 in outstanding gift certificates. Lesson #1 — If you are in a business that can sell certificates — do it! Haven’t seen the stats this year on the number of gift cards that are given and never used but know the number is high. But that’s really a topic for another day. Let’s get back to Roi Parker.

The way I read the story, Roi saw two opportunities. One was to hopefully get some new business. Two was to help people feel like they got what they deserved. (Which in turn would hopefully turn them into customers, but stay with me here. Let’s keep them separate for now.)

Then Roi learns just how many gift certificates are floating about town. He didn’t revoke his offer or add a bunch of stipulations to it. He said bring it on!

Now, the question is, will Roi and the staff of R.O.I. Salon kill themselves (both financially and physically) trying to honor all the certificates? Will that many people even take them up on their offer? If so, will they become repeat customers making the cost of winning those clients worth it? And how many N&O readers who don’t hold certificates will get on down to Oberlin Road because Roi just sounds like the nicest guy on earth?

What do you think? Is this a smart marketing move or the kiss of death for the R.O.I. Salon? Would love to hear your thoughts. While you’re milling it over, I’m going to look at my calendar to see when I can make it down to R.O.I. Hoping Roi can help with my color.


What I Love Wednesday #3

In Day-to-Day, Raleigh NC on August 5, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Just time for a quick What I love today. Here goes.

I love…. knowing someone who has a “toothbrush rotation”. Have to agree that sometimes soft just doesn’t cut it.

I love… Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie. Definitely a survival guide for corporate America.

I love… Server Steve at Vivace at North Hills.  Ask for him by name.

I love…  smiley faces. Lots and lots of smiley faces. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m a smiley face over-user and proud of it!!

And VOILA! They are bald! St. Baldrick’s event was amazing

In Family & kids, Raleigh NC on March 8, 2009 at 12:28 am

Thanks to everyone who has donated to St. Baldrick’s and continues to do so. The event here in Raliegh, NC at Napper Tandy’s was amazing. I’m so proud of the Striving for More team.  I hope you enjoy the photos. diane-stbs-22

helping kids with cancer and remembering a special girl

In Family & kids, Raleigh NC on March 7, 2009 at 2:35 pm
Dave and Diane get funky-do's prior to head-shaving day to raise more $ for St. Baldrick's

Dave and Diane get funky-do's prior to head-shaving day to raise more $ for St. Baldrick's

Sweet Colleen

Sweet Colleen

A year ago my husband and son shaved their heads at a St. Baldrick’s head-shaving fundraising event. While I do not work on the account, St. Baldrick’s is a client of “my” agency, Fleishman-Hillard. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way….

While I was watching my then 6-year-old have his head shaved, proud and crying, the mother of the little girl Dave and Jackson chose to honor in their fundraising efforts introduced herself. [Enter Diane.] Diane apologized for Colleen not being able to make it due to recently having chemo, not being able to walk at the time…… hello, more tears.

Diane is a force. I knew that the moment I met her. I felt a connection that cannot be easily explained, but was worried that I would seem like a stalker if I asked her to be my best friend on the spot. A few weeks passed. I sent an email that said something along the lines of…”I know we don’t really know each other but what can I do for you?” Diane’s response is the perfect example of why I love her. She told me very specifically, very clearly and completely unapologetically what I could do for her. This, this and oh yeah this.

I had the honor of making jewelry with sweet Colleen and seeing her a few more times before she died last summer. Today, Jackson and Dave will join Colleen’s parents, Diane and Vince, on the Striving for More team to shave their heads in honor of Colleen.

Oddly enough, Diane just called to say she’s already down at Napper Tandy’s where the event is taking place. Diane is extremely close to being the top fundraiser for this event. Please consider donating in honor of Colleen, to help other kids with cancer, and to help Diane feel like she has done something amazing to help other families who are and will be dealing with the pain that her family has suffered and continues to suffer. As St. Baldrick’s continues to fund research for the treatment of childhood cancer, perhaps not as many mothers will have to go through what Diane has.

The event is today! Please donate now! http://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/shavee_info.php?ParticipantKey=2009-56318

McCormick & Schmick’s Fish Toss

In Food Retail, Raleigh NC on July 10, 2008 at 4:23 pm

I know I’ve been writing a lot about my client McCormick & Schmick’s, but this project has kinda been my life lately! And, it’s really been a lot of fun. The part that my team has probably been the most excited about is the fish toss which is a McCormick & Schmick’s tradition signifying the opening of a new store.

My video is really shaky, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. It was a great event and a fun beginning to our final pre-opening event which was a manager’s reception where we had more than a thousand people come through the doors! It was amazing! Everyone loved the food, drinks & great McCormick & Schmick’s service.

McCormick & Schmick’s Mixology

In Food Retail, Raleigh NC on July 9, 2008 at 2:59 pm

A preview for all planning to attend our reception at McCormick & Schmick’s in Raleigh tonight:

Live from McCormick & Schmick’s

In Food Retail, Raleigh NC on July 8, 2008 at 4:09 pm

It’s our second day of pre-opening events at McCormick & Schmick’s at Crabtree Valley Mall. We’ve done two mock lunches hosting close to 150 people each. Last night we had a PR & marketing networking cocktail reception and a benefit dinner for the Food Bank. All have gone extremely well. GM Robert Berbary has done an excellent job of hiring the best talent in Raleigh. Everyone has said the service has been excellent and the food delicious.

I was especially excited to get to meet Doug Sutton, author of Raleigh Native Review and community content go-to guy for WNCN, in-person yesterday. Read what he wrote about his McCormick & Schmick’s dining experience: http://blogs.wncn.info/dsutton/2008/07/07/mccormick-and-schmicks-brings-it/  A great review!

Putting the Crab in Crabtree Valley Mall

In Day-to-Day, Food Retail, Raleigh NC on July 1, 2008 at 8:24 pm

Jake, the 700 pound crab, finally made it to Raleigh! He is now on top of the McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant at Crabtree Valley Mall. As previously mentioned, McCormick & Schmick’s is one of my clients, and today was a most fun & entertaining day learning/witnessing what goes into getting a huge inflatible crab on the roof of a restaurant. The highlights included: 1)Meeting Scott who travels around and installs Jake and is the guy who typically gets to “flip the switch” to inflate Jake, which I think is just cool! You’ll see Scott in the video… he’s the one dangerously close to the edge of the roof! 2) Seeing the entire in-training staff come out to see Jake as well as a news camera interviewing Robert the GM.  3) Realizing that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to blog about Jake — see links below.






McCormick & Schmick’s Show UNC, Duke and State Pride

In Food Retail, Raleigh NC on June 19, 2008 at 2:00 pm

My team continues the hard work in planning the pre-opening events for McCormick & Schmick’s coming to Crabtree Valley Mall next month. I’ve had the fun of getting to go to the site and see things as they progress. McCormick & Schmick’s uses a stained glass artist named Chuck Franklin to do the stained glass in all its restaurants, and he’s done something absolutely perfect for the Raleigh store — beautiful Tiffany-style pendant lamps hanging over the bar…. one with the UNC logo, one with Duke and one with State. Now if only the fans of all three can co-exist as equally as peacefully in the same bar. 🙂