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New Year, New Venture, New Blog

In Business, Communications, Day-to-Day, PRSA Counselors Academy, Public Relations on January 6, 2010 at 1:27 am

Happy New Year! I’m quite excited to announce the launch of Clairemont Communications. This is a dream come true for me, and I hope you’ll click through to see the new Clairemont site. Also, while the blog will still be called blah2voila (and we’ll be applying a B2V approach to client work… email me if you want to know more!) it will be housed at clairemontcommunications.com moving forward.  Thanks to those of you who have already expressed words of congrats, love and support!

Clairemont Communications takes a tactics-agnostic approach to devising PR and marketing strategies using both traditional — media relations and event planning, for example — and new tools such as social networking. The difference? Product sketches that turn into top sellers. Campaigns that move consumers from couches to action. Jump starting a start-up to make it a recognized brand. Upholding the reputation of a tried and true company so shareholders continue to hold a special place in their hearts for it year after year.


Paula Deen: Ham Smacked!

In Day-to-Day, Food Retail on November 29, 2009 at 10:20 pm

This has to be one of my favorite “holiday” news stories so far this year. Paula Deen was helping out at an Atlanta food bank prior to Thanksgiving. She was unloading hams when one got tossed her way as she wasn’t expecting it. According to the AP story, it sounds like the ham tosser might have been feeling a tad Grinch-ish, if you ask me. And the video looks painful.

Paula smiled and laughed it off at the time and later tweeted, “I haven’t met the ham that could stop me yet!”

Well smack my ham, I think I just became a Paula Deen fan!

What I Love Wednesday #3

In Day-to-Day, Raleigh NC on August 5, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Just time for a quick What I love today. Here goes.

I love…. knowing someone who has a “toothbrush rotation”. Have to agree that sometimes soft just doesn’t cut it.

I love… Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie. Definitely a survival guide for corporate America.

I love… Server Steve at Vivace at North Hills.  Ask for him by name.

I love…  smiley faces. Lots and lots of smiley faces. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m a smiley face over-user and proud of it!!

What I Love Wednesday #2

In Day-to-Day on July 29, 2009 at 12:44 pm
It makes me happy!

It makes me happy!

Thanks to the positive feedback, you’ll notice What I Love Wednesday as a regular feature. Below is this week’s list. Perhaps there’s a theme…

I love… Claire Wise Photography. She captures the essence of childhood like no one else.  Her photos are beautiful. And inspiring. And tell intriguing stories. And okay, here’s the other thing: I simply love Claire Wise. Everyone needs a little Claire Wise in her life so go to Claire’s site, read her blog and follow her on Twitter today.

I love… new, pretty or funky notebooks. Ecojot has some great designs and the notebooks are 100% recycled. You’ll see in the pic that I have a brand new one just waiting for me to remove the cover and dive in!

I love… purple ink in my pretty notebooks. Oh but not any ‘ole purple will do! Uni-ball Vision, fine point. I love writing in purple and think it’s especially good for when I’m editing other people’s work. Black is too easy for edit marks to be missed and red just seems so angry. Purple is passion. A passion for writing and editing.

I love… writing hand-written notes, and personalized stationary from American Stationary makes it even more fun.  I’d love to go to stationary stores and browse the day away, but um, well no. That doesn’t happen. I’ve always been delighted with the online orders I’ve placed with American Stationary. They have pretty stampers too.

I love… SARK.  If you’ve never read her books, start with Succlent Wild Woman. You can also call her Inspiration Line:  415-546-3742.

So there you have it. Some more things I just love, love, love, love, LOVE!

Broken Arm & Broken Heart

In Day-to-Day, Family & kids on July 17, 2009 at 2:35 pm

Wednesday was a day I have dreaded and hoped would never happen for exactly 8 years and one month. I was in the middle of a new business meeting that was about to move across the street to Vivace for lunch when I was told Dave was on-hold and it was urgent. Oh boy. It went like this:

Dave: “Jackson broke his arm and we are on the way to the ER.”

Me: “Are you serious?” (Yes, stuipd I know!)

Dave: “YES I’m serious. We’re going to the hospital.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

I hung up the phone and cried so Misty drove me to the hospital. I walked in and Jackson asked if I was okay and said he was worried about me. Worried because he knew I was going to cry. And then I did again but just a little. It’s hard when you’re suppose to be tough for your kid. Then I was fine and even watch the doc reset (or try to reset) the bones which is really not a very pleasant thing.

More on his arm and pics soon. He’s a tough boy. Hard seeing him in pain.

Lessons Learned from 8 Birthday Parties

In Day-to-Day, Family & kids on June 14, 2009 at 9:50 am

Each year I look forward to planning my son’s birthday party. Some years have allowed more time for prep and planning than others, but each has taught me something interesting. I’m sharing the lessons here for the consideration of other parents as well as for any life-lesson value they might provide for all of us.

1st Birthday: If you have an adult girlfriend who has ever ended a story with “and I woke up and didn’t know where my wig was” you should consider that her goodbye hug to your one-year-old might resemble something more like a dance than a simple squeeze from a fellow mom. (Although it was quite enjoyed by my uncle, husband and f-i-l.)

2nd Birthday: If the design of the cake involves ingredients that will allow the cake to stand-up on its end without falling over, chances are you won’t really want to eat that cake. (But man that was a cool looking school bus cake!)

3rd Birthday: If Dad’s taking the photos and Mom is presenting the birthday cake to the birthday boy sitting at the table, Mom should wear a turtleneck. It doesn’t matter if it is June. It doesn’t matter if you think what you are wearing is not low cut. Trust me and pull out the turtleneck.

4th Birthday: Lesson #1 – The book Stone Soup makes a great theme for a birthday party and kids could care less that hot soup is not what you would usually serve in the middle of June.  If we had adult Stone Soup parties once a year, the world would be a much happier place. Lesson #2 – Just because you’ve offered peace and love to the universe by being a 4-year-old who asked to have a Stone Soup party, it doesn’t ensure that some snot-nosed little brat won’t come along and blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

5th Birthday: You win some, you lose some and some get rained out. Literally rained out. When the Bulls can’t play and roads are closed because of the biggest flood of the year (perhaps in several) happens the day of your birthday, go to plan B.

6th Birthday: Perception is everything. You may serve pizza around 5 p.m. at your kid’s birthday party, but if he doesn’t think of it as dinner, he will tell everyone that his parents didn’t feed him dinner on his birthday.

7th Birthday: Sometimes the best part of the party is what happens before the party actually starts or when it has ended. (Have you ever seen the huge inflatables being inflated?)

8th Birthday: Lesson #1 – No matter how much red food coloring you put into your homemade cream cheese icing, it will still be pink.  Lesson #2 – If you put your meant-to-be-red-but-in-reality-pink icing on a chocolate cupcake, put a candle in the middle of it and then remove the candle, it might look like something not appropriate for an 8-year-old party.


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Blogging has gone way done since interest in FB and Twitter went up….

The Women

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About The Women… go see it. Just go see it.

A(nother) Lesson in Listening to Your Gut

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It’s what I preach all the time so why do I sometimes shush my gut? Don’t do it people. Just don’t do it. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

End of May, started trying to rent a beach house for an August vacation. Found beautiful house online and contacted owner. The first conversation was odd. It took a lot of effort and several phone calls just to get to the “Okay, I’ll send you the contract to sign and you send me your $” stage. (In this case, to me $$$.) But it was a great house right on the beach and I really need the time with my boys. I need a place I can completely de-stress and uplug.

With less than 2 weeks to our arrival date, the owner called to say she had double-booked part of the stay. While she was nice enough to offer to help us find accomodations for the days we couldn’t stay at her house, I do not want the stress of settling in then packing up and moving only to have to settle in again. I do not want to be on a schedule for an entire week, and that would by default put us on one. After 2 very stressful days of not getting an answer, I’ve learned that she is going to refund our money.

And now… I’m looking for a new place for us to stay. Had I only listened to my gut in the first place, I would have never rented with her. I’m sure that it is a wonderful house, and she’s likely a very nice person, it just wasn’t meant to be and I could have saved myself some hassle had I only listened to that little voice telling me that from the beginning.

If you love the Jonas Brothers SCREAM

In Day-to-Day on August 1, 2008 at 12:09 am

Yep, went to see the Joe Bros last night. Our boy’s first concert. It was actually a pretty good show even though the screaming of that many girls was almost deafening. JW waited patiently through Demi Lovato and Avril Lavigne. When they came out to change the stage after Demi Lovato, he said, “They have to clean up all the Hannah Montana germs.” Wrong young girl Disney star… whatever.

Admittedly, its been a while since I’ve been to a concert, but I always like to evaluate it on several factors including sound, energy, choreography, staging, etc, and all and all I have to say it was pretty good. Really liked the way they did the stage. Lots of squiggly lights that looked kinda 80s to me.

Perhaps the most fun part was watching the kids (I realize I just crossed over into oldfartville as I typed that) text to the screens that showed the text messages. Most messages were along the lines of “Joe, u r hot, marry me” or “If u think Nick is cute SCREAM” or “if u think u luv the joe bros more than I do SCREAM”. A lot that included SCREAM and boy did they.

I loved seeing JW’s reaction to seeing them and watching him sing along to some of the songs. It was crowded, hot and sticky, but I loved every minute of it. Even the screaming. I think Dave did too.