about blah2voila

#1 I love makeovers. It doesn’t matter what kind. Your living room, your relationship, your company…. let’s take it and make it better! Let’s go from blah to voila. (Or viola as I often mistype it.)

#2 I love my job as a communications professional and the public relations industry. Someone without a clue once asked me what I knew about a stressful job. “Oh you’re in PR…. you just turn everything into a bouquet of roses!” she exclaimed. Well, while its not that simple, its a nice way of looking at what I do. In a sense, I take blah to voila for my clients every day.

#3 I love the word voila. Okay, I might be a bit obsessed with it. Can I use it in a news release? Not usually. Can I use it in a bio? Rarely. Can I use it in pitch? I have. Can I use it in the CEO’s shareholder letter? Never. So you see my problem. And… you see my solution. Welcome to blah2voila where I can use the word as much as my little heart desires.


  1. Such a fantastic way to take blah to voila concept in many different directions, including your job. I love it. And turning everything into roses is a refreshing way to look at what we do on a daily basis…

  2. I love the name and concept of your blog! I never thought of it that way, but, I, too, help my clients go from blah (the selves that they’re not happy with) to voila (being the woman and living the life they envision). It’s a very soul-satisfying calling…

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