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N.C. Symphony Gets Roge Squared — For Free!

In Raleigh NC, The Arts on November 30, 2009 at 10:50 am

In the event you were too busy preparing a feast last Wednesday, you missed a great story in the N&O about renowned French pianist Pascal Roge’s response to the N.C. Symphony saying they couldn’t pay him for a scheduled performance.

Roge who has never been here nor has ties to the area, shocked members of the N.C. Symphony by saying he’d be delighted to perform regardless! In fact, he said he’d bring his pianist wife, Ami Roge to join in on this wonderful gift he is giving Raleigh. He referred to his profession is not a profession but a pleasure. Can I get an amen?

Hats off to these generous artists who are so lovingly giving their time next week for concerts in Raleigh on Dec. 4 and 5 and Southern Pines on Dec 3. Having worked for a non-profit arts organization (The Alabama Theatre) earlier in my career, I understand how the economy can create challenges to the ongoing operations of these treasured groups.

Okay Raleigh people, now do your part. Make sure and catch one of Pascal and Ami Roge’s performances while they are here. Who wants to get a group together and go? Somebody pick the 4th or 5th and we’ll get it started. 8 p.m. both nights at Meymandi.


Paula Deen: Ham Smacked!

In Day-to-Day, Food Retail on November 29, 2009 at 10:20 pm

This has to be one of my favorite “holiday” news stories so far this year. Paula Deen was helping out at an Atlanta food bank prior to Thanksgiving. She was unloading hams when one got tossed her way as she wasn’t expecting it. According to the AP story, it sounds like the ham tosser might have been feeling a tad Grinch-ish, if you ask me. And the video looks painful.

Paula smiled and laughed it off at the time and later tweeted, “I haven’t met the ham that could stop me yet!”

Well smack my ham, I think I just became a Paula Deen fan!

IKEA’s Facebook Idea

In Marketing, Public Relations on November 27, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Here’s one of those ideas that’s so good and makes me want to kick myself for not thinking of it first!

Hats off to the person and/or team who came up with the idea to promote an IKEA new store opening by uploading showroom photos to the store manager’s Facebook account and asking folks to tag themselves “on” the items they wanted in the photos. If you were the first to tag yourself in the photo, you got the item that you tagged. Great idea!

Watch the video to see how it works and you’ll notice how IKEA achieved the objectives of promoting the store (and more) by postings to profile pages, updates in newsfeeds and the inclusion of links. Amazing!



What I Love Wednesday — Thanksgiving Eve Edition

In Family & kids, What I love Wednesday on November 25, 2009 at 10:49 am

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I love my pink Townie bike. Maybe I’ll ride it today.

I love my 1968 VW Beetle. Maybe I’ll sell it today.

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll have to start today.

I love my f-i-l. He’ll be here today!

Creative Marketing or Kiss of Death?

In Marketing, Raleigh NC on November 24, 2009 at 11:01 pm

I can’t stop thinking about Sue Stock’s story Competitor’s Failure is An Opportunity that ran in Sunday’s News & Observer. R.O.I. Salon owner, Roi Parker has decided to honor gift certificates from now-closed Iatria Day Spa.

Apparently since making that offer, it has been determined that there is about $300,000 in outstanding gift certificates. Lesson #1 — If you are in a business that can sell certificates — do it! Haven’t seen the stats this year on the number of gift cards that are given and never used but know the number is high. But that’s really a topic for another day. Let’s get back to Roi Parker.

The way I read the story, Roi saw two opportunities. One was to hopefully get some new business. Two was to help people feel like they got what they deserved. (Which in turn would hopefully turn them into customers, but stay with me here. Let’s keep them separate for now.)

Then Roi learns just how many gift certificates are floating about town. He didn’t revoke his offer or add a bunch of stipulations to it. He said bring it on!

Now, the question is, will Roi and the staff of R.O.I. Salon kill themselves (both financially and physically) trying to honor all the certificates? Will that many people even take them up on their offer? If so, will they become repeat customers making the cost of winning those clients worth it? And how many N&O readers who don’t hold certificates will get on down to Oberlin Road because Roi just sounds like the nicest guy on earth?

What do you think? Is this a smart marketing move or the kiss of death for the R.O.I. Salon? Would love to hear your thoughts. While you’re milling it over, I’m going to look at my calendar to see when I can make it down to R.O.I. Hoping Roi can help with my color.