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In Family & kids on January 31, 2009 at 11:42 am

In keeping with the theme of birthday blog entries, today is my brother’s birthday. I was at his house just a month ago for my birthday, and wish we could be together today. If we were, I’m sure we’d be laughing our heads off about something.

I can almost never be around my brother without getting the hiccups. It’s been like this since we were kids. I’ve written about how funny Dave is, and Doug is funny in a completely different way. From a young age, we’ve seen humor in things that most kids wouldn’t and many times in things that we shouldn’t find funny. And that just makes it more funny. It’s like laughing in church. Once you start, you can’t stop.

I’ll never forget the first holiday our parents were  separated.  We were having Thanksgiving dinner with my dad’s family. I was in 5th grade; Doug was in 7th. The adults were extremely uncomfortable with the situation and didn’t really know what to say. Dinner was served without much conversation, in fact. Then came chocolate cake. Someone who was trying to break the silence said, “This cake is GOOD.” The response: “And MOIST.”

There! We had six whole words out there. A few minutes and bites later a different family member offered, “This cake is MOIST,” to which someone replied, “And GOOD!” Hmmm…. six more words uttered, yet the same six words.  And so it went around the table a few more times before the dishes were cleared about how good and moist, how moist and good the cake was. Each time Doug and I would exchange sideways glances trying not to laugh so hard we’d spit our good and moist cake out of our mouths. As soon as we were excused from the table, we ran out in the yard and laughed at how uncomfortable the adults were.

It might have been the same day that my dad was trying to get us ready to leave my grandma’s (not an easy task since I don’t think we ever wanted to leave there) when he became extremely frustrated with us.  Doug and I were sitting next to each other putting on our shoes and we would tie our shoelaces together and then try to walk.  My dad was just ready to go so finally he took advantage of the fact that Doug and I were sitting right next to each other and he put a hand on Doug’s head and a hand on mine and banged our heads together. It wasn’t very nice. I’m sure it hurt. You can probably guess what happened. Doug and I took a quick look of shock at each other before we started cracking up. It was hillarious. My dad threw his hands in the air.

I guess family holiday gatherings provided a lot of opportunities to laugh at things maybe we shouldn’t. There was the Christmas that a family member made personalized gifts for everyone. It was an incredibly sweet gesture. I didn’t want to laugh as the gifts were unopened to reveal that some of the recipients’ names were mis-spelled on their homemade presents, but one glance across the room at my brother had me quickly exusing myself to get more of my grandma’s sweet tea. I was in my 20’s then, but when we got outside, Doug and I laughed like little kids.

And there are dozens more stories like this. Happy Birthday, Doug! I hope you get to spend the day with your family, and that somebody gets the hiccups today. And of course that your birthday cake is good. And moist. And moist. And good. And good. And moist. And moist. And good.

I love you! –Your Lil Sis


Happy Birthday, David Hughens!

In Family & kids on January 19, 2009 at 10:22 pm

It’s been quite some time since I blogged. Facebook (and occasionally Twitter) have become my blogging. Maybe I’ll become a special occasion blogger. Hey, today happens to be a special occasion… it’s Dave’s birthday.

I love you, Dave! I would never do anything that would publicly divulge your age, but I do want to tell you some of the things I love most about you.

1. You are patient enough to work with kids.

2. You can still act like a kid.

3. You are the best dad in the whole world to the best kid in the whole world.

4.  You know all (okay, most) of the words to the 2nd verse of You are My Sunshine.

5. You know when to admit I’m right. (Like a RECORD baby.)

6. You stand by me in difficult situations. (Even if you’d rather just sit in the car.)

7. You send me flowers.

8. You know what kind of flowers to send.

9. You know what kind of flowers not to send.

10. You like to go grocery shopping.

11. You like to cook.

12. You like to rub my feet. (You do like to rub my feet, don’t you?)

13. You always get a real Christmas tree.

14. Family snuggle.

15. You have a shiny shirt with emboidery mud flap girls.

16. You own a tux.

17. You look great in either.

18. You’re a good tipper. (Tipper, not stripper people!)

19. You love Mamaw Bonnie as much as I do.

20. You like to take family trips.

21. You make the crowd laugh more than the person hired by the comedy club.

22. You’re not embarrassed to ride my pink bike around the neighborhood.

23. You had the same design in our wedding band tattooed!

24. You cry at mushy stuff. (Yes you do!)

25. You like my Thanksgiving dinner.

26. You like my Christmas dinner.

27. You pretend not to notice that my Thanksgiving dinner and my Christmas dinner is the same thing.

28. You like old b&w Christmas movies.

29. You do Flight of the Conchords better than Flight of the Conchords.

30. You don’t mind when people tell you that you look like Adam Sandler.

31. You think Dude Where’s my Car is as funny as I think it is.

32. You liked Harold and Kumar even better.

33. You made the first year easier than they said it would be.

34. The second year, well, you made it pretty easy to make it through the 2nd year.

35. The third year, I really didn’t think it could be as good as the first two years.

36. The fourth year, well, you made it feel more like the first year.

37. You’ve never once threatened to pack your shit and move to Carpendale.

38.  You understand the need to IM from one room to the next.

39. You know how to fix stuff. (No matter what your dad says.)

40. You’ll break out your Wrangler Dave suit at the drop of a hat.

41. DaveStar.

42. You let me tell you about my day even when you are exhausted.

43. You rarely point out that you still look younger than me even though you are NOT.

Love you baby. xoxox