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Thoughts this eve

In Day-to-Day on June 20, 2008 at 1:34 am

Have been working the past couple of hours from my screened porch. Its so nice out here.  Although I did have a bit of a scare when it sounded like someone was running through my backyard. Turned out to be plump raccoon. He was so cute!

You’ve probably seen all the coverage on the flooding in the Midwest. Fabu intern Rob Base got me on a trip down memory lane today when he sent me a link to some of the stories. They keep referencing the Flood of ’93. I covered that flood as the managing editor of the Daily Eastern News. Went to the levee (I know how to spell it now) and saw the most devastating things I’ve ever seen right in front of my own eyes. Its really not the same seeing it on TV or online or in the newspaper. Was still an amazing experience to interview ROTC members, some fellow students, who were there sand-bagging. I still have the films from that story. Yes, films. Those were the days!


McCormick & Schmick’s Show UNC, Duke and State Pride

In Food Retail, Raleigh NC on June 19, 2008 at 2:00 pm

My team continues the hard work in planning the pre-opening events for McCormick & Schmick’s coming to Crabtree Valley Mall next month. I’ve had the fun of getting to go to the site and see things as they progress. McCormick & Schmick’s uses a stained glass artist named Chuck Franklin to do the stained glass in all its restaurants, and he’s done something absolutely perfect for the Raleigh store — beautiful Tiffany-style pendant lamps hanging over the bar…. one with the UNC logo, one with Duke and one with State. Now if only the fans of all three can co-exist as equally as peacefully in the same bar. 🙂

JW’s 7th Birthday

In Family & kids on June 19, 2008 at 1:35 pm

Jackson had a great 7th birthday, despite the fact that we had to take a quick detour to urgent care before his Pump It Up party. No chicken pox! Woo-hoo! We started the morning with opening presents from Dave & me and Pappy. He loved his Pokemon stuff (got A LOT more at his party), the leather motorcycle vest from Pappy, the Jonas Brothers tickets and learning that we’re going to Disney later this summer. He left for his party wearing athletic shorts & a t-shirt, his leather vest and camo crocks.  What a sense of style my boy has! 

We ended the day with me reading things I had written in my journal about his birth and then some things I’d written when he was about 3. He loves to hear that kind of stuff and look at photos… what a sweet, sentimental little bug he is too. My love.

Father’s Day at Krispy Kreme

In Family & kids, Food Retail on June 19, 2008 at 12:23 pm

Went by Kripsy Kreme with Dave, JW and Pappy last weekend and got the Dad doughnuts for Dave & Pappy. It never gets old seeing the doughnuts going down the line and under the glaze. Want to mention again that KKD is a client of mine but I loved the product long before I started working with them!


Who Let the Dogs Out???

In Family & kids on June 14, 2008 at 10:21 pm

My crazy kid! Until tomorrow, I won’t know what its like having a 7 year old, but man, 6 has been fun.  Yesterday my morning started with “air traffic control Jackson” guiding me out of our driveway as I was leaving for work. There he stood in the yard in his boxers and a t-shirt, blowing a whistle and waving a flashlight. The day ended with him opening some birthday cards he got in the mail, including a musical card from my uncle and aunt.

Another Jake Spotting

In Food Retail on June 11, 2008 at 1:03 am

Got this from Jill Collins of Jill Collins PR from the DC area.  She secured a McCormick & Schmick’s Jake story in the DC Examiner. Loved their header!

 Just bring a LOT of butter…

POSTED June 10, 2:17 PM

If you’re wondering what giant monstrosity is hanging out at the National Harbor, that would be Jake the Crab, the official mascot of McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants, which sits atop the restaurant group’s newest eatery. The 700 pound inflatable crab is named for Bill McCormick’s first restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Visible from Wilson Bridge — not to mention to those passengers flying into Reagan National —  Jake is  8 feet high, 17 feet wide and 17 feet deep and his legs extend 25 feet out in each direction. You can spot him there until June 23.

McCormick & Schmick’s – Jake the Crab is on His Way

In Food Retail, Raleigh NC on June 8, 2008 at 9:43 pm

Sue Stock from the News & Observer did a really fun story on my team’s client, McCormick & Schmick’s, on Friday.  In addition to her story on the front page of the business section, Sue added more photos and information on her blog under an entry called Getting Crabby 🙂 : http://projects.newsobserver.com/taking_stock/getting_crabby

Look for Jake at Crabtree soon and for more details about the McCormick & Schmick’s opening events, contact me.

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day

In Day-to-Day, Food Retail on June 6, 2008 at 10:38 am

Thanks to my client, Krispy Kreme, you can stop by your local Krispy Kreme store and get yourself a free doughnut. Yep, that’s right…. an absolutely free glazed ring of goodness! For more details, read our media release.


Sex and the City Movie

In Day-to-Day on June 5, 2008 at 10:37 pm

I wish I could say I loved it.  I really, really do. But can’t. There were two really funny parts to me which I can say for those of you who have seen it without giving it away to those of you who haven’t. The swimsuit scene and the scene when Charlotte returns from the spa. Other than those big laughs, I found it to be incredibly depressing.

DJ JW…. why my life is fun

In Family & kids on June 3, 2008 at 11:15 am

It’s not what happens at the pool, but what happens on the way to the pool….